New, Good Habits

After many years of over indulging in sweets,junk food, alcohol, television, medication etc. our society is finally awakening to the necessity of living a life of wellness. So many people are aware that change is needed in day-to-day routines, but old habits are difficult to break. In certain situations, such as an illness, it is necessary to make strict and structured changes in order to survive. However, there is no need to wait for those moments before we start implementing some new routines into our lives right now. Rather than trying to completely change over night and then beating yourself up a few hours later for [messing up], just begin by making subtle changes.These are some tips to offer some guidance on beginning or continuing a conscious lifestyle that will expand your well being, helping you feel your absolute best!

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.”  -Lao Tzu

A few changes that I have applied to my life that are simple, yet extremely beneficial and life changing are:

1. Using Natural Resources– Coconut oil is my go to for cooking, baking, and moisturizing. For 101 uses for coconut oil, check out Apple Cider Vinegar has numerous benefits and uses from balancing your digestive system to cleaning your house. Check out for a ton of uses for ACV and some recipes! Himalayan Salt is my new table and cooking salt! Packed with over 80 minerals and many benefits including healing, visit for more info.

2. Practice Mindfulness Being mindful means to consciously bring your attention to the present moment without any judgement and with acceptance of now. It is a practice that has changed my life and my perspective of our world.  Try to be fully present as you wash your hands, take a shower, eat a meal or drive your car.  When your mind wanders, rather than judge or criticize yourself, thank yourself for noticing your racing thoughts and return your attention to your breath and the present moment. Meditation has helped me tremendously in this practice. Visit for more info on mindfulness and tips on applying it into your life.

3. Yoga– or any form of physical activity that works for you! Yoga has personally helped me reach a level of peace and connection that I’d never experienced.  It’s also a reminder of how the small changes and movements eventually lead to huge transformation. Starting off with 20 minutes of physical movement a day is a great way to begin a new good habit!

4. Join a Club/Spiritual Group– I joined my first club last year and it is one of the best decisions I have made. I found it by searching Google for local photography clubs. Today my network is growing, I’ve made new friends, I have amazing teachers and I can see the growth in my art and in my confidence!  If you don’t already know what your passionate about pick something that you’ve always wanted to try or have been curious about. Explore. Connect. Grow!

5. Be Open Minded– Being curious and open minded, makes life more fun and exciting!  Life has so much to offer and the diversity is what has helped create the magnificent, creative, expanding world we live in today.  Take a weekend to travel (Living Social has great Escape Deals) or explore your artistic side! has a bunch of awesome tutuorials for all levels.  My absolute favorite website full of tons of free education is

Change can and should be fun. We are capable of experiencing and creating anything we can think of!  What an amazing time it is to be alive, to have resources and answers available at our finger tips at any moment.  We are on this earth to co-create and are constantly expanding.  By choosing to live a life of wellness, all actions that follow come from our truest self and benefit the world around us.


Our Thoughts Shape our Lives

It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the hustle and bustle of society today. Always on the go, too busy to relax, checking e-mails, answering calls, picking up so and so, work, school, kids, cook, clean, gym…anxious about what’s to come..are things going to work out? Thinking about something you said a few minutes ago or a few years ago..I should have…could have…what if…does he like me? I look cute?..Do I look fat?…the list goes on and on and on. The human mind creates between 50,000-70,000 thoughts a day. That’s between 35-48 thoughts per minute! The majority of those are thoughts from the day before, just plain repetitive, or mostly negative. The good news is you’re mind is like any other muscle on your body. You can become aware of your thoughts..practice quieting the mind..eventually silencing it..and in turn gain back control over your mind rather than allowing your thoughts to run around chaotically and run your show. Why are your thoughts important? Besides the obvious reasons, your thoughts create a feeling or an emotion. These emotions are our inner guide! By paying attention to our feelings, we can know if were on the right path, so to speak.

In the midst of our busy every day lives, the way we feel is the single most important factor that most people are missing. Today’s society has led us to believe that the most important things are the material…money, cars, homes, clothes…however, it is becoming clear today that even the people who have more of these material possessions then they could do anything with, are still something missing in their lives. Of course the idea of having more money, bigger houses, etc, seems like it would satisfy all of the desires we feel, those emotions would be temporary…Rather than feeling a sense of lack now, it is possible to achieve all of the feelings of satisfaction, aliveness, and fulfillment even before those manifestations are physical. And the manifestation of the emotion is key! All around wellness will guarantee the best feeling You and allow a smooth flow of life to flow through you and to you throughout your lifetime.

Wellness is an evolutionary process, that begins with becoming aware of and making choices toward a healthy life that will allow your true You to shine brighter then ever. Wellness is significant to us as humans because all of our activities, thoughts and feelings affect our well-being. By feeling our best, we act out of those good feelings, rather than acting out through feelings of exhaustion, stress or worry.  Pay attention to how you feel and CHOOSE to feel good now!