Summer Wellness Tips!

After a long, cold, snowy winter…Summer has finally arrived! The time has come for short shorts, tanning, and cookouts.  Taking care of ourselves seems to be becoming an awesome fad in the year 2015, so Summer Wellness Tips seemed like an appropriate topic to touch on.  Remember, being healthy can and should be fun! Plus it’s a reason to get more creative!! There are so many natural resources surrounding us that are available to benefit our lives.

Herbs and flowers are an inexpensive natural resource that is beneficial, cooling and tasty!  They can also be used to heal your skin from sun damage or burns.  Aloe, comfrey, and horsetail (also a great beauty herb) can all heal skin damage according to .  Herbs can also be used in a variety of tasty drinks: non-alcoholic, alcoholic, and smoothies!  My mom was kind enough to share her delicious smoothie recipe with us 🙂 (1) avocado, juice from half a lime, (1)cup of berries, 3 or 4 basil leaves and (1)cup of coconut milk.  Hawthorne leaf/flower, yellow chrysanthemum, lemon grass, spearmint, peppermint, raspberry leaf, hibiscus and ginseng help cool the body and taste good in cold beverages.  Check out for some more specifics on the ways to use each herb listed.

Of course, you’ll want to eat some food during the summer…an excellent time to add some seasonal fruits,veggies and leafy greens into your day (and avoid the processed foods, grains, sugars and grains).  Berries, watermelon, pineapples, oranges are all sweet and delicious snacks to keep in mind.  Protein should be included in one or two meals a day.  Light sources of protein that need no cooking include nuts, sprouted beans, soy products and non-fat cheeses.  Meal planning is a great way to guarantee nutritional meals for you and your family.  Wellness mama gives some good guidelines to follow for meal planning in this article  There are a bunch of fun ideas on Pinterest  under “Healthy Summer Snacks.”  Also, one of my newest most favorite resources is Thrive Market which is an online marketplace that sells the best natural brands at the best prices!  Not only are they awesome because of this, but they also help out families in need. I highly recommend everyone check out this amazing resource.

Summer time is an excellent excuse for spending some more time outdoors experiencing nature.  Whether, going for a quiet walk or run with just yourself, the trees, birds and sun or going on a camping trip with the family…being outdoors is fun and beneficial.  Outdoor activities are endless and non-activity works just as well too!  Whatever you decide to do, skin protection is always important as well as Vitamin D consumption. Most sunscreens sold have toxins and do not allow the absorption of Vitamin D.  According to Wellness Mama, some foods to eat that provide sunscreen from the inside out are healthy saturated fats, omega 3 rich foods, leafy greens and two or more tablespoons of tomato paste daily! Coconut oil can provide a small amount of protection and you can even make your own sunscreen with it in a recipe I found at  Once your skin is safe, divulge in the endless outdoor activities available. Walking barefoot, also known as “earthing”, can increase antioxidants, help with insomnia and even reduce inflammation.  Swimming is one of the most beneficial exercises and will keep you cool.  Yoga is my personal favorite and is even more fun during a sunrise or sunset!

Summer is a time for fun in the sun!  Grab your shades and your loved ones, put down your phones and splash around a bit more.  A cooler full of healthy goodies, maybe a sangria or mojito (Berries and mints!) and a blanket for a nap is how I’ll be spending my summer days. Remember to enjoy each little moment and laugh! Life loves you.