My thoughts on the Beach

The wonders of the universe
Are starting to become clear to me.
I’ve been living life blindly
Now I can finally see.
I am amazed of the magnificence
Created by an unseen force.
A path layed out for all of us,
An invisible course,
That we can choose to follow
Or fight against because we think we know.
Try to do things “our” way,
But we’re going against our flow.

You see, everything that’s good
Is perfection at it’s best.
Compassion, Nature, Love
Give the answers to our test.
Today we look for answers
In the outside world.
We want more money, success,
The perfect boy, perfect girl.
We seek for happiness
In the material things.
The right clothes, house, cars,
The biggest, brightest ring.
We can continue to want
And keep thinking we need.
And we’ll continue to struggle,
Continue trying to succeed.

See what I have learned
Is that the answers are within.
We have everything
Underneath our own skin.
If we took some time
To take a break from the chatter,
A few minutes for silence,
We’ll watch the glass ceiling shatter.
Become aware of that voice in your head.
The one constantly talking
From when you awake, to when you’re in bed.
That voice is your ego
Who is blinding your sight.
Open your mind
Allow your light to shine bright.