Waitress to Artist

As a kid, most of us were told by our parents, grandparents, guardians, or just anyone we looked up to, “When you grow up, you can do anything in life you dream of…you can have anything as long as you work hard..”or something of that nature. I’m sure most parents now still tell their children the same things, “dream big”, “work hard”, “go to school” and “be successful”. Despite the truth in those statements, most adults today are not living the life of their dreams. Somewhere along the way, those dreams got pushed to the side…either to support a new family, to pay the bills, health issues, etc. My purpose for this blog is to remind everyone, no matter how old you are, that it is never too late to pursue those dreams you left sitting in the back of your closet or to even start dreaming now! God, the universe, the creator of all living things (whatever works best for you) did not put us on this earth to live plain, ordinary, difficult lives…to work 40+ hours a week just to barely “get by” and not live our lives with passion.  In each moment is an opportunity to learn a lesson. The difficult times, challenging people, tough situations in life, are the most important times to ask “What am I supposed to learn from this moment?” Everyday is a chance to live the life you’ve only imagined or maybe haven’t even begun to visualize yet, but deep down know is possible.

I’ve recently been inspired by a coworker and friend of mine. Diana is a woman that so many people adore. She has a personality like no other person I’ve ever met and is so easy to love. One of the first things I remember her saying to me when I started serving at IHOP was, “Remember, your not saving lives, your serving pancakes.” That statement helped me get through some of my toughest moments. When I felt like breaking down, I’d remember those words and give myself a huge reality check. I’ve even told some of the new girls those same words and watched the relief come across their faces. It became very clear to me that Diana is a favorite for a lot of customers.  Many people come in just to see her. She has a way of making people laugh and feel important. I would have never guessed that Di had lost a little boy a few years ago…a sweet little angel was taken from her life. His name was Mason, and when he was no longer physically in Di’s life, a big piece of her soul went with him. Even after this tragic loss, one that most mother’s wouldn’t feel they would be able to continue living with, she comes into work everyday with so much personality, love and appreciation.

After Mason’s passing, Diana discovered her green thumb and the soothing to the soul gardening brought into her life.  I had the pleasure of visiting her fascinating home.  From her “Gone With the Wind Room” full of antiques and Scarlett O’Hara pictures, to the hundreds of chickens and roosters in her kitchen , and the enormous yard full of Di’s unique creations.  Besides the fact that I had been planning to visit her house for months now, I could not wait to capture a sneak peak of her latest creation!  Diana recently discovered her passion in creating something that my words will do no justice.

di's art

di's art-8

di's art-3 di's art-4

di's art-5

di's art-6 di's art-7

Her day job as a server, is an opportunity for her to use her most difficult time as a reminder to those close, that things could definitely be worse. Therefore, it is so important to appreciate all of the wonderful moments, all the loving people, all the laughs and even the tears.  Diana believes Mason is an angel.  A human body is our temporary home.  No physical thing is meant to last forever. We are the only living species, that is aware of our future death.  Therefore, we live in fear of the unknown…the when, where, how, is it gonna hurt?  I have recently become aware of the blocks, boulders and mountains fear has been putting in front of my life.  And I am aware that it damn sure is not serving my life for the better.  We all do this, it’s how society and our past generations have showed us to live but we know better now!  We live in a world of unlimited possibilities.  We are a part of a universe that is too vast, too grand for our minds to even begin to comprehend!  We exist because of the perfection and precision of the universe.  A universe that is aligned exactly as it should for us to be able to even be living on this planet.  Yet we think that we should be worrying and be afraid of things that are beyond our control. I am learning to release any fear in my life and replace it with love.  Magical things begin to happen when you live in a state of love and joy.  By releasing fear and worry you release anxieties and stress, which then releases illness and disease.

Being present in each moment gets you out of your head and into a state of gratitude, relaxation, acceptance, faith, love and joy.  By trusting that the Creator of this magnificent existence, created us, to be living in perfect alignment with our own personal galaxies flowing freely as long as we ALLOW it to, we can begin to experience the freedom of the planets floating through space in our own lives.  By doing things that fill you with joy, time does not exist, it is replaced with peace.  We begin to to make Art.  Art is created by emotions and feelings that are beyond something that can be described in words.  The liberation I feel from just writing these words is an incredibly joyous feeling.  The idea that others will read and hopefully take something or many things from this blog, fills me with feelings of love, compassion and reward.

Diana has found the part inside of her that is still alive, that has always been alive and will always be alive!  The part inside that we all have! I encourage you all to get to know that side of you.  Beautiful things begin to happen when you experience your divine self and the connection of the divine creations all around you every day.  As you learn and grow from this place, you can see the unlimited possibilities and opportunities that are here and have always been here.  It’s time to wake up, it’s time to feel alive!



So for my first blog ever, It feels right to write about some of the things I am thankful for.  My life has changed dramatically in the past year. After hitting my lowest low, I was forced into a situation that allowed me to really see how many things I have to be grateful for. Shortly after, learning how to put my focus into those things, rather than complain about what I do not have. Since I began writing down and thinking throughout the day about what I was thankful for, life has been pretty magical. I’ve learned that when we focus on the good things in our life, we allow more good things to come to us, Same works the other way around…so by consciously focusing on the good in my life, it just continues to get better and better.

With that being said, this does not mean that everything just goes perfect for me all of the time. I still have my challenges, stressful situations, etc. like everyone else. But the way that I choose to react to these situations is completely different than I would have in the past.  Through meditation, mindfulness, learning to live in “the now”, yoga..all of these things have made it way easier to react differently than the old me would have. I am learning to trust in the flow of life and not try to fight it. I trust that all things happen for a reason and that a lot of those things happen because we create them with our own mind. I am learning that I have subconscious thoughts that have become “normal” for me to think, mostly about money. And that is where I continue to face struggles. Since I now am aware of my challenge, I am able to work on my thoughts about money.

So back to being thankful 🙂 I recently got into a car accident (first one ever)…My car is totaled 😦 however this experience has humbled me greatly. From the moment my car was hit, my first thoughts were “I know there is a reason for this.” I’m still not completely sure what that reason is yet, but I still trust and believe there is one, if not more. Obviously I wasn’t jumping up for joy that I was in an accident, but the things that I have to be thankful for came flooding to me. I am thankful for being alone in my car that day. I am thankful that no one was injured. I am thankful for the timing because had it been two seconds earlier I would have been t-boned by a Dodge Durango going pretty damn fast. I am thankful for having insurance and a legit license. I am thankful for my wonderful boyfriend being there for me. I am thankful for the fact that now I get to shop for a new car, considering that mine had over 200,000 miles on it already. But most importantly I am so very thankful to be alive! I walked out of that car with no scratches, bumps or bruises. I know the situation could have been so much worse and I thank God that it wasn’t.

So if anybody reads this, just remember even when things seem to be the very worst, when it’s raining and storming, there is ALWAYS something to be thankful for. Whether it’s the air your breathing, the home you live in, the car your driving, the family that loves you, the pet that needs you, whatever makes you feel good! Focus on those things. There is a plan for all of us. Pay attention to that voice in your head that is always rambling on, Take control of your mind. Your mind is just like any muscle on your body, you need to exercise it in order for you to use it to it’s complete magnitude. A good practice is gratitude and it’s something that you can do all day long. Namaste.